NOVEMBER 30  2021

GS1 US Hackathon:

Trace & Trust in CBD




30,000 Prize Pool

Build trust with trading partners and consumers through the application of traceability standards. 

$30,000 in prizes

Trace & Trust

Trace & Trust

GS1 Standards make it possible to identify, capture, and share important supply chain information automatically and accurately about products, business locations, and more. The only way businesses big or small can move forward is to work together – they need to be able to understand each other, anywhere along the supply chain. As a neutral organization, GS1 US has a unique role that allows us to bring business leaders together in a safe, non-competitive space. Simply put, GS1 Standards facilitate a global language of business, no matter the industry.

This hackathon is meant to showcase the power of integrating GS1 Standards into innovative technology solutions to help build trust in an emerging industry.


  • The identification of everything makes anything possible
  • GS1 provides globally unique identification of products, locations, logistics units, and assets


  • GS1 data carriers are capable of holding varying amounts of information
  • From DNA tags to RFID to barcodes, there are many carriers that can capture information in a standardized way


  •  Interoperability allows product data to flow through the supply chain
  • “Share standards” are technology agnostic

What to Expect

  1. Register on the event platform - alone or with a team (5 person max) - Register here!
  2. Pick which challenge statement you'll be taking on - See challenges!
  3. Watch webinars, book 1:1 mentor sessions, and read the resources - All on the event platform!
  4. Submit your final project on November 30, 2021!

Who Should Attend

Interested in building a team to develop a plan and application that helps consumers and producers of CBD products manage traceability and trust? We are calling for these types of competitive solution builders and experts:



App & Software Developers

CBD Industry Experts & Consultants

Supply Chain Experts & Consultants

AI & ML Developers


$30,000 total prize pool amount USD

1st Place

$10,000 USD

2nd Place

$5,000 USD

3rd Place

$5,000 USD

4th Place

$5,000 USD




Creative Video Presentation - $1,000

Biggest Impact - $1,000

Best Implementation - $1,000

Best Technical Execution - $1,000

Solution highlights the use of

GS1 Standards - $1,000


For brands, traceability is essential to building trust with consumers. For industries that are new or emerging, the ability to trace a product’s journey through the supply chain can become a rare “anchor of trust.”

How do we make the CBD supply chain more visible and ensure that data can be trusted and shared from start to finish? GS1 Standards enable efficiency and safety using one common language across systems and trading partners, leverage them to solve these challenges.

Challenge Statement #1:

  • Due to restrictions around traditional marketing tactics, how can CBD brands leverage technology solutions combined with GS1 Standards to educate and engage more efficiently with new customers about the trustworthiness of their products?
  • How can CBD brands better tell their “traceability stories” to discerning customers?
  • How can CBD brands use technology combined with GS1 Standards to build loyalty among their seasoned customers, particularly as the industry braces for potential disruption?
  • How can consumers be sure a Certificate of Analysis (COA) is real and trustworthy?
  • If a COA is a rare trust anchor in this complicated industry, how can CBD brands leverage technology combined with GS1 Standards to make the documents or information more easily accessible to consumers?

Gaining and Maintaining Consumer Trust

Challenge Statement #2:

Trading Partner Trust/ “Disruption Readiness”


  • How can standards-based traceability build trust among trading partners, particularly when state regulations and requirements vary and many companies in the game are brand new?
  • How can we leverage technology paired with GS1 Standards to more effectively manage CBD product recalls?

In the near future:

  • When and if CBD exits the “gray area” of regulation, how can standards-based traceability help the industry mature in terms of trust, reputation management, or customer loyalty, particularly if large, trusted “household names” enter the market?  

Challenge Statement #3:

Do you have an idea that is creative, unique, and completely out of the box? Does your solution span across all or multiple challenges, or is your solution in a league of its own? Take on the Wildcard challenge! Create a solution that leverages technology with GS1 Standards to increase trust in the nascent, complicated CBD industry, now or in the future. 

The Wildcard


Registration Opens

Hackathon Kickoff: The platform opens for project building

Team Formation: Join open networking webinars to pitch your ideas and expertise

Webinars: Access a mixture of live and on-demand educational webinars and videos

Project Submission Deadline: Submit your project to the platform by this deadline

Judging: A panel of judges from GS1 US and the industry review according to the criteria

Winners Announcement

Aug. 23

Oct. 4

Oct. 5

Nov. 30

Dec. 8

Dec. 15

Judging Criteria

Your projects will be judged by four equally weighted categories:


  • Will this Solution have a far reach and market potential?


  • How seamlessly and efficiently could this concept/solution be implemented and utilized by a business within the CBD supply chain?

Technical Execution

  • How has the team effectively utilized the available tools and technologies?
  • How easy is the application to use?
  • How advanced is the prototype presented?

Solution highlights the use of GS1 Standards

  • How has the team integrated and explained the usage of GS1 Standards in their solution?


Powered by GS1 US


GS1 US® is a unique identification organization that enables companies in more than 25 industries to identify parties, places and things in a standardized way to facilitate the global supply chain. As a neutral, not-for-profit organization, GS1 US drives industry collaboration through the use of GS1 Standards – the most widely-used data standards in the world. 

The barcode, the most recognizable example of a GS1 Standard, is scanned more than 6 billion times per day globally. GS1 Standards create a foundation for emerging technologies that can improve security, visibility, interoperability and trust between business partners. Unique identification makes it possible to take advantage of the technologies of the future – connecting consumers, patients, businesses, and products. For more information, visit www.gs1us.org.

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